December 2016 issue – Table of Contents

csp-coverIncoherent Policies

Florian Böller and Sebastian Werle
Fencing the bear? Explaining US foreign policy towards Russian interventions

Choosing Sides

Ogen S. Goldman and Uriel Abulof
Democracy for the rescue—of dictators? The role of regime type in civil war interventions

Forum: the EU Global Strategy

Hylke Dijkstra
Introduction: One-and-a-half Cheers for the EU Global Strategy

Maria Mälksoo
From the ESS to the EU Global Strategy: external policy, internal purpose

Jolyon Howorth
EU Global Strategy in a Changing World: Brussels’ Approach to the Emerging Powers

Mai’a Davis Cross
The EU Global Strategy and diplomacy

Wolfgang Wagner and Rosanne Anholt
Resilience as the EU Global Strategy’s new leitmotif: Pragmatic, problematic or promising?

Sven Biscop
All or Nothing? The EU Global Strategy and Defence Policy after the Brexit

Michael E. Smith
Implementing the Global Strategy Where It Matters Most: The EU’s Credibility Deficit and the European Neighbourhood

Nathalie Tocci
The Making of the EU Global Strategy

Books Reviews

Mario E. Carranza
The case for U.S. nuclear weapons in the 21st century

Dinshaw Mistry
Deadly impasse: Indo-Pakistani relations at the dawn of a new century

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