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Changes to the editorial board

The 2017 Bernard Brodie Prize

Fighting with allies

Stephen Frühling and Andrew O’Neil
Nuclear weapons, the United States and alliances in Europe and Asia: Toward an institutional perspective

Debate: nuclear alliances and Donald Trump

Jeffrey W. Knopf
Security assurances and proliferation risks in the Trump administration

Van Jackson
Let’s make a (nuclear) deal: bargaining, credibility, and the third offset strategy

Alexander Lanoszka
Goodbye to all that? Institutionalist theory, U.S. alliances, and Donald Trump

Stephen Frühling and Andrew O’Neil
Nuclear weapons and alliance institutions in the era of President Trump

Old wine, great bottles

Jeffrey Michaels and Heather Williams
The nuclear education of Donald J. Trump

Security dilemmas

Frank O’Donnell
Reconsidering minimum deterrence in South Asia: Indian responses to Pakistan’s tactical nuclear weapons

Forum: African security

Toni Haastrup and Hylke Dijkstra
New directions for African security

Malte Brosig
Rentier peacekeeping in neo-patrimonial systems: the examples of Burundi and Kenya

Nadine Ansorg
Security sector reform in Africa: donor approaches versus local needs

Cedric de Coning
Peace enforcement in Africa: doctrinal distinctions between the African Union and United Nations

Linnéa Gelot
Civilian protection in Africa: How the protection of civilians is being militarized by African policymakers and diplomats


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