Forum: African security

African security, particularly conflict-related political violence, is a key concern in international relations. This forum seeks to advance existing research agendas by addressing four key themes: domestic politics and peacekeeping; security sector reform programs; peace enforcement; and the protection of civilians. Each of the articles in this forum makes a case for analyzing African agency when it comes to African security.

dod-continues-central-african-republic-peacekeeping-supportForum: African security

Toni Haastrup & Hylke Dijkstra
New directions for African security

Malte Brosig
Rentier peacekeeping in neo-patrimonial systems: The examples of Burundi and Kenya

Nadine Ansorg
Security sector reform in Africa: Donor approaches versus local needs

Cedric de Coning
Peace enforcement in Africa: Doctrinal distinctions between the African Union and United Nations

Linnéa Gelot
Civilian protection in Africa: How the protection of civilians is being militarized by African policymakers and diplomats

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