Security research on COVID19

The coronavirus is rapidly spreading across the world affecting all aspects of our societies. As an academic, I have been truly impressed by all the quality medical research and the joint effort to understand COVID19, treat patients, develop vaccines, and formulate prudent policy responses.

At the same time, it is clear that medical research by itself is not enough. Experts in the social sciences and humanities also have important things to say about the effects of the securitization of healthcare, border closures, varieties in security cultures and policy-making across countries, the psychological effects of quarantine, international cooperation and global health governance, legal provisions and individual rights, ethical questions and moral dilemmas, and many more things.

To facilitate the publication of SSH scholarship on COVID19, Contemporary Security Policy will make space available in the upcoming issues for scholars considering the security (policy) implications of the coronavirus. The format of submissions is flexible. We encourage shorter papers of 4000-5000 words (which will be grouped in special forums), but we are obviously also open to fully-fledged research papers. We will work with reviewers to ensure a rapid peer-review process and production (from accepted papers to online publication) currently takes about a week. We will also work with the publisher on promoting Free Access for COVID19 papers.

We recommend that papers are submitted via our online submission system by 17 April 2020 (or ideally as soon as possible). Contemporary Security Policy is and remains an academic journal. We do not run commentary or publish policy papers. Submissions will have to be of the highest possible academic standard, embedded in the relevant literature, and pass peer-review. Also papers will need to have a shelf life of more than a couple of weeks.

If you are interested in contributing, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email ( In line with our aims and scope, we are interested in empirical papers as well as papers providing perspective. We are interested in papers by experts on the security-health nexus, but also scholars who have something to say about COVID19 from different areas of SSH expertise.

Hylke Dijkstra

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