Special Issue: Reclaiming the local in EU peacebuilding

kosovoContemporary Security Policy will publish a special issue on Reclaiming the local in EU peacebuilding edited by Filip Ejdus and Ana E. Juncos.

Since the early 2000s, the “local turn” has thoroughly transformed the field of peacebuilding. The EU policy discourse on peacebuilding has also aligned with this trend, with an increasing number of EU policy statements insisting on the importance of “the local.” However, most studies on EU peacebuilding still adopt a top-down approach and focus on institutions, capabilities, and decision-making at the EU level. This special issue contributes to the literature by focusing on bottom-up and local dynamics of EU peacebuilding.


Reclaiming the local in EU peacebuilding: Effectiveness, ownership, and resistance
Filip Ejdus and Ana E. Juncos


Local ownership as international governmentality: Evidence from the EU mission in the Horn of Africa
Filip Ejdus

The interaction between local and international power in EU police reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Birte Gippert

Local contestation against European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo
Ewa Mahr

EU security sector reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Reform or resist?
Ana E. Juncos

Local perceptions of the EU’s role in peacebuilding: The case of Palestinian security sector reform
Patrick Mueller and Yazid Zahda

Effective? Locally owned? Beyond the technocratic perspective on the European Union police mission for the Palestinian Territories
Filip Ejdus and Alaa Tartir


The limits of technocracy and local encounters: The European Union and peacebuilding
Roger Mac Ginty

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