Special issues, forums, research agendas

Special issues

Contemporary Security Policy publishes an annual special issue. An open call for proposals is widely circulated once per year with a deadline mid-November.

We also accept proposals for special issues on a running basis.

Special forums

The journal also publishes shorter research forums that address contemporary topics of importance. Research forums include 4-5 articles of 4000-5000 words around a common theme. These articles should have a significant argument and be of interest to a wide audience (i.e. descriptive papers or individual case studies of individual countries may not be the best fit). Please contact the editor directly with any proposal for a special forum.

Research agenda articles

Contemporary Security Policy welcomes articles that provide a review of the recent academic literature and/or outline future research agendas. While they should be submitted as regular articles, they are typically shorter in length (4000-5000 words is a good target).

Book reviews

Contemporary Security Policy no longer publishes book reviews.