Ten most downloaded articles of 2016

CSP Cover These are the ten most downloaded articles of 2016.*

  1. The coming multi-order world by Trine Flockhart
  2. Resilience as the EU Global Strategy’s new leitmotif: pragmatic, problematic or promising? by Wolfgang Wagner and Rosanne Anholt
  3. Rising bipolarity in the South China Sea: the American rebalance to Asia and China’s expansion by Stephen Burgess
  4. Fencing the bear? Explaining US foreign policy towards Russian interventions by Florian Boeller and Sebastian Welle
  5. The making of the EU Global Strategy by Nathalie Tocci
  6. All or nothing? The EU Global Strategy and defence policy after the Brexit by Sven Biscop
  7. Russia’s pivot to China goes astray: the impact on the Asia-Pacific security architecture by Pavel Baev
  8. French foreign and security challenges after the Paris terrorist attacks by Christian Lequesne
  9. Mediation in Syria: initiatives, strategies, and obstacles, 2011–2016 by Magnus Lundgren
  10. From the ESS to the EU Global Strategy: external policy, internal purpose by Maria Malksoo

Date: 13 June 2017


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